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Get trained by the people who wrote the book on Apple deployments. Managing Apple Devices is an entirely new hands-on course created by Apple Pro Training Series authors Arek Dreyer and Kevin M. White.  This course will enable you to create an effective plan for deploying and maintaining groups of Apple devices using iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite in your organization. This instructor-led course and companion reference guide teaches a wide variety of Apple management technologies (explains the theory behind the tools) and provides practical, hand-on exercises to get you up and running with the tools. You will be introduced to Apple management technologies including Mobile Device Management, the Volume Purchase Program, and the Device Enrollment Program. Not only will you learn how to use Profile Manager, Apple’s implementation of Mobile Device Management, but you will also learn about the ideas behind device management and how to make configuration easier for both administrators and users while maintaining a highly secure environment

Who Should Attend

  • Technology professionals working for organizations of any size that want to build a solid foundation for managing Apple devices, even when using non-Apple management tools.
  • Seasoned administrators looking to update their methodologies with new best practices.
  • Power users looking to expand their understanding of Apple deployment technologies.

What You Will Learn

      • Knowledge of how the latest Apple deployment technologies work.
      • How to use specific deployment tools.
      • Deployment procedures and best practices.
      • How to plan an effective deployment using Apple devices.


      • iOS and OS X platform knowledge and basic navigation skills.

Course Outline

Part 1: Management Fundamentals
• Understanding Apple’s Goals
• Device Management and Supervision • Apple ID Considerations
• iCloud in Managed Environments
• Apple Deployment Programs
• Deployment Scenarios
• Network Considerations
• Security Considerations
• Physical Logistics
• Support Options 

Part 2: Server Setup
• OS X Server for Yosemite
• TLS/SSL Certificates
• Caching Service Architecture
• Caching Service Setup
• Caching Service Troubleshooting 

Part 3: Mobile Device Management
• Understanding Profiles
• Creating Profiles via Profile Manager
• Profile Manager Setup
• Manually Installing Profiles
• Mobile Device Management Architecture
• Profile Manager Device Management
• User-Initiated Enrollment
• Profile Manager Inventory and Organization • Profile Manager Administrative Tasks
• Automatically Pushing Profiles 

Part 4: Apple Configurator
• Apple Configurator Planning
• Apple Configurator Installation and Setup
• Prepare iOS Devices
• Install and Edit Profiles
• Customize Setup Assistant
• Prepare Supervised iOS Devices
• Automatically Install Profiles and Enroll Devices • Backup and Restore iOS Content
• Manage Supervised iOS Devices
• Install Apps via Apple Configurator
• Update Apps Deployed via Apple Configurator • Single App Mode 

Part 5: Out-of-the-Box Management
• Device Enrollment Program Introduction
• Integrate DEP with Profile Manager
• Configure DEP Assignments in Profile Manager • Activation Lock Introduction
• Manage Activation Lock 

Part 6: Manage Apps and Books
• Volume Purchase Program Essentials
• VPP Service Enrollment and Administration
• Integrate VPP with Profile Manager
• Purchasing VPP Apps and Books
• VPP Managed Distribution Assignments
• VPP Managed Distribution User Enrollment
• Installing VPP-Assigned Apps and Books
• Deploying In-House Apps and Books
• Manage In-House Apps and Books via Profile Manager 

Part 7: Manage Data and Services
• User Content Considerations • OS X Server Wiki
• OS X Server WebDAV
• Restrictions via Profiles
• Manage Installation
• Manage Open In 

Part 8: Develop a Management Plan
• Defining Requirements
• Consider Third-Party Solutions 

InstructUsInstructUs Training Centers are made up of top Apple Certified Trainers who not only hold the highest Apple certifications but develop custom course material as well. Mobile Device Management, security, and deployment are just some of the topics covered. These advanced courses are constantly being updated and built upon as new operating systems and hardware are released. Click here to learn more about these new and exciting courses like Command Line 101 and Mobile Device Management.

The ACTC 101+201 Bootcamp is by far the most popular class we offer! This is a hybrid class that combines delivery of OS X Support Essentials and OS X Server Essentials courses, with the associated exams. This is a great opportunity to obtain your ACTC certiciation in one shot. Dates and registration information are available on our classes page.

InstructUs is the only Apple Authorized Training Center (AATC) in the state of Connecticut. Conveniently located in the Hartford Metro area in the town of Farmington, Connecticut and as well as in Tampa, Florida— InstructUs staffs Apple Authorized Trainers who hold some of the highest levels of certifications offered by Apple.

Here at InstructUs we offer IT training for businesses large and small for group classes as well as individual employees.  Apple's certification classes are ideal for those just starting out all the way up to well-seasoned veterans looking to update or better their knowledge and skill set. Designed by Apple, our courses offer invaluable tools for real world scenarios by combining instructor-led lessons with hands-on labs, every student has a chance to demonstrate each new lesson learned.

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